How I made over $600 with 5 minutes of work a day.
Hello there everyone, today I thought that I would share with you a

website that I've been using now for a little over a month and I've

managed to make $627.16 Dollars In this short amount of time. Now I

know that a lot of survey websites get a bad rap because well it's

obvious most of them suck, well let me rephrase that 99% of them


That's why decided years ago that I would never participate in survey

websites ever again because they simply got me nowhere but recently

like I've said I've been participating in this new survey website and

I've been very pleased with this website so far. Number one and most

important is the fact that I'm making good money on this website, and

number two it does not take that much time to get these earnings.

Now is what I do is I spend about five minutes every day on the

survey website and I've managed to rack up this much money in just a

little over one month. Now I know that this isn't a lot of money to

some people but if you figure that this is from on average five

minutes a day work then I'm sure you can see that this is a very

beneficial piece of side income for you. Well at least it is for me


But anyway this community has shared so much knowledge with me over

the years and thanks to that knowledge it has gotten me to where I am

now and so I decided that it's time for me to share some of my

knowledge with the community so that I may hopefully help someone out

there who would like to make some extra income.

But without further ado here's the link to the survey website that

I've been talking about.


Now the one thing to remember about this survey website Is that they

give you a trait score, and that trait score goes up with every

survey that you take. Now the higher your trait score gets than the

more money you earn for every survey, and the highest trait score you

can get is 9000 points.

Now just remember this website does not pay you points! These trait

score points just show that you are an active member and that you've

been with them long enough for them to see that you are a valuable

survey taker and so they pay you more money per survey the higher

your trait score is.

Do they pay? The answer is yes! This was my biggest concern when I

signed up for this website but after I earned $627.16 Dollars I

decided to cash out and I was amazed when I received my payment to my

PayPal account. Now I'm not saying that this website looks shady or

anything because it doesn't the only reason that I was so precocious

was because I've been scammed so many times on the Internet so I was

very cautious.

So this is why I am sharing this website with all of you because I

know for fact that they do pay you the money that you earn, and the

best part is that you don't have to waste hours of time filling out  

long useless surveys because these surveys are short and you can

finish them quickly.

Also I will supply with you proof that I earned this much money as

you can see below this is the money I earned just before I cashed


[Image: Earnings.png]

Now just so you know you don't have to earn this much money in order

to cash out, the minimum cash out amount that they allow is $15, and

I managed to earn this $15 in three days so it won't take you long to

earn $15, and once you earn $15 this means that all the surveys

you've been taking your trait score will go up higher and the higher

your trait score is the more money you will earn per survey, I saw my

earnings per survey double triple and quadruple as my trait score got

higher, and as my trait score got higher they let me participate in

more surveys which will allow you to earn even faster.

Well that about does it for my moneymaking method, and I hope that it

helps someone out there who's wanting to make some extra money from

the Internet.

P.S.. Please dont ask for a PDF of this if you like my method just

copy and paste and you should be good to go, thank youSmile
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