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Do you have good traffic and no idea where to put it? No problem. We have a great selection of top offers for you in our Sweepstakes category.

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Samsung Galaxy S10 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.0%
• [MOB+WEB] NCC Amazon ​₤1000 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.20, CR: 7.4%
• [MOB+WEB] Surfeyo Samsung S10 SOI /UK, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.12, CR: 7.1%
• [MOB+WEB] Willys SOI /SE, Payout: €3.20, EPC: $0.34, CR: 9.3%
• [MOB+WEB] Supermarket SOI /HK, Payout: €0.40, EPC: $0.07, CR: 15.9%
Feeling lonely? Your search is over. With our new Dating offers everyone will find their match:

• [MOB] NaughtyAppetite SOI /PL, Payout: $1.05

[Image: 4iSvN5s.png]

• [MOB] NaughtyDate SOI /HU, Payout: $1.30

[Image: fVjHOFS.png]

• [MOB] Sidesprang SOI /NO, Payout: €4.30

[Image: n95tqvI.png]

• [MOB] FlirtHits SOI /FI, Payout: €2.40

[Image: Lb6CtHu.png]

• [MOB] iDates SOI /DE, Payout: €4.80

[Image: b8ZpMLm.png]
We aren't standing still, we'll do everything to make sure you earn the most money possible on every click. Check out our top converting Sweepstakes offers this week.

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Summer SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.23, CR: 9.6%
• [MOB+WEB] S&P - PayPal $1000 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.21, CR: 8.8%
• [MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone XR SOI /NZ, Payout: $2.85, EPC: $0.29, CR: 10.2%
• [MOB+WEB] Willys SOI /SE, Payout: €3.20, EPC: $0.34, CR: 9.3%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung S10 /CL, Payout: $20.00, EPC: $0.10, CR: 0.5%
Still haven’t chosen a tracker for your campaigns? Then this is the perfect time to test Peerclick.

PeerClick Key Features:

SAAS technology;
Anti Bot Protection;
Anti Fraud Kit;
The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today;
Handles millions of clicks per day;
Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load;
The fastest and most convenient user interface;
Group Campaign Reports;
Flexible multi-user system with different access rights;
The average response time of our support is 5 minutes;
Smart Routing;
Smart Rotation.

[Image: bz0OANP.png]

For Adtrafico partners, Peerclick is offering a free $50 account credit. You can use your balance to purchase free access to the tracker for 30 days, or as a discount on any plan. For ease of use, Peerclick has even created a quick-start setup guide for Adtrafico users!

Want to know how to redeem your bonus? Just contact our support team to get started today.
For those whose hobby is making money, we have collected the top performing Mobile offers for this week:

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS IVR /CZ, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.08, CR: 3.0%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10 MO /SI [Simobile, Mobitel, Tusmobil], Payout: $7.20, EPC: $0.18, CR: 2.6%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS Pin Submit /GR [Vodafone, Cosmote, Wind], Payout: $4.80, EPC: $0.17, CR: 3.7%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS IVR /HU, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.06, CR: 2.3%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS Pin Submit /PT [Nos, Meo, Vodafone], Payout: $8.00, EPC: $0.11, CR: 1.4%
Available now: new Sweeps for all sorts of GEOs with amazing payouts!

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy Watch /FR, Payout: $32.00

[Image: Uiq3Xu6.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung TV SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80

[Image: 7Ag0Acr.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Ford SOI /NZ, Payout: $1.75

[Image: RbmbYqo.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S-Market /FI, Payout: $37.00

[Image: GT4d5Kv.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Jysk SOI /DK, Payout: $2.25

[Image: Zkmb6HT.png]
Do good work, worldwide with our top offers in the Sweepstakes category this week!

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10 /CZ, Payout: $15.00, EPC: $0.10, CR: 0.7%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S9 /IE, Payout: $20.00, EPC: $0.80, CR: 4.0%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung S9 SOI /DK , Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.37, CR: 15.6%
• [MOB+WEB] NCC - Samsung Galaxy S10+ SOI /UK, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.18, CR: 7.6%
• [MOB+WEB] Shophamper SOI /UK, Payout: €1.20, EPC: $0.06, CR: 4.7%
Mobile Billing is still one of the most successful ways to monetize your carrier traffic. 
We constantly update our Mobile Billing category with the most of-the-moment offers, so why not check our latest additions?

• [MOB+WEB] Win an iPhone XS or XS Max Pin Submit /MY [Maxis, Digi, Umobile, Tunetalk, XOX], Payout: $1.20 

[Image: 8xJRkSy.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung S10 Pin Submit /PT [Nos, Meo, Vodafone], Payout: $8.00 

[Image: 6PHWDpb.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone X Pin Submit /GR [Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind], Payout: $6.00 

[Image: TmTrKxp.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung S10 IVR /CZ, Payout: $2.80 

[Image: 6PHWDpb.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS IVR /ES, Payout: $3.20 

[Image: KzhmxHv.png]
Grab your Tuesday morning coffee it's time to start running traffic with out top offers in the Sweepstakes category!

• [MOB+WEB] Surfeyo Samsung S10 SOI /UK, Payout: $1.90, EPC: $0.11, CR: 6.0%
• [MOB+WEB] Jysk SOI /DK, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.29, CR: 12.2%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung S10 /CL, Payout: $20.00, EPC: $0.12, CR: 0.6%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10+ /IE, Payout: $20.00, EPC: $0.18, CR: 0.9%
• [MOB+WEB] Aldi Fashion Voucher SOI /NZ, Payout: €1.60, EPC: $0.15, CR: 8.3%
New Friday - new Sweepstakes offers at Adtrafico! Check them out:

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Apple Store $1000 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45 

[Image: jiHgOnR.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Blank Voucher 1000€ SOI /IT, Payout: €0.80

[Image: W4v7wqD.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS & XS Max SOI /DK, Payout: €3.25

[Image: TbAb7S7.png]

• [MOB+WEB] NCC - eBike ₤1000 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.40

[Image: Pl6pTWL.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Amazon gift card SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80 

[Image: qtxtLnO.png]

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